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Where the Water and Land Meet

February 10, 2016


Water is the topic of the 21st century in California. Because of droughts and climate change, we are destined to spend significant amount of time and resources on water in the years to come. Land conservation plays an important role because we need to strategically manage our watersheds for the plants, animals, and people that depend on them.




The March 2016 Gathering of the Bay Area Open Space Council will focus on drought resiliency and land management. We will hear from Bay Area water agencies about how they are collectively managing hundreds of thousands of acres of watersheds. The public discourse is focused on water supply for people, and at this Gathering we will also talk about the impact of the drought on habitat for plants and animals. We will discuss the future for the stewardship of these lands, and what can nonprofits and park agencies do in partnership with water agencies.

Confirmed speakers include:


The Almost Spring Gathering will be held March 17, 2016 from 9:30am-1pm at the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley. Program starts at 10am but no beverages are permitted in the theater. Join us at 9:30 for coffee and tea, and lunch will be served at 12pm.


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