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We’re hiring!

June 29, 2012

The Bay Area Open Space Council is looking for an Executive Director! Jump over here to see the job posting and all that is involved. It's a detailed look at where the organization is in its development and where we want to go. But there aren't any pictures in the job posting. What's up with that?

We thought we'd share some here to round out the story. You could also scroll through our Flickr page, but here are some highlights.


The Open Space ConferenceEvery year we hold a conference and people like love to sit outside at lunch.


A Gathering at the Brower CenterFive times a year we convene Gatherings where over 100 people get together on a particular topic. We often hold them at the David Brower Center in Berkeley (above)


Alt Ride_SJ start_Credit Annie BurkeOur work isn't confined to the office. Sometimes we go for a bike ride and get our work done outside.

Taking Transit to TrailsWe care about getting people outside. All people. With Transit and Trails we're working to make that a reality.

Pepperwood Climate Workshop
We work with scientists. They know a lot of things that are really helpful to people managing land. Conservation Lands Network is one way we make this connection.


Our Flickr page has a lot more pictures. Our website has a lot of information. Our Twitter feed gives a taste for what we say in 140 characters or less. And then there's the job posting, of course, even though it doesn't have any pictures.