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The 2011 Triple Threat is here!

June 17, 2011



Lech_DiabloPhotos by Lech N.  Check out his Flickr photostream and his website.

Tonight the riders will gather at the San Jose Caltrain station and ride up to Joseph Grant County campground.  They will sleep.  And then…

Tomorrow, the Saturday with the most sunlight of the year, this group of bicyclists will criss cross the Bay Area using their legs, two kinds of trains and a ferry to climb three of the tallest peaks in the region.  It's the 2011 Triple Threat and you can learn more about it here.  A second group of riders will join the ride in San Francisco to ride Tam and Diablo for the Double Dip.  The ride is sponsored by REI and Transit & Trails.  A fabulous group of partners are also involved.  And Lech Naumovich will be there with his camera.

We'll be blogging throughout the day here as well as posting to Facebook and Twitter starting Friday evening when the riders head to Mount Hamilton.  Come join us and refresh often.