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September 10, 2014

Who knew we had built a big orange wildlife corridor:


  • Bay Area wetlands restoration going strong. Construction is ramping up on two major projects to restore wetlands around San Francisco Bay. More than 85 percent of bay wetlands were drained over the last 150 years, but partnerships between non-profit and government agencies are slowly turning back the clock. Together they make up the largest coastal wetlands restoration effort in the country. The two newest links are in the North Bay. (ABC)
  • Time for Trees to Pack Their Trunks? The Nature Conservancy is anticipating a day soon — within the lifespan of a tree — when a changing climate may make the forest unsuitable for some tree species and varieties that now live there. (Climate Central)
  • Stop talking about conservation. We need restoration and rehabilitation. Yes, preserving existing ecosystems is a crucial and valuable cause, but just as funding clean energy and energy efficiency is a starting point for necessary change, so too “conservation” needs to be a gateway to something much, much bigger: restoration and rehabilitation.  (Treehugger)
  • And we’re bouncing to this because of the beat and because it’s about climbing trees.


Deer footage courtesy of SkyDesign360 on Instagram.