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Live-picture-taking from Stewardship Palooza!

March 20, 2014

What is Stewardship Palooza anyway?

Some of us might know Lollapalooza and sometimes it may look like this. If you put that together with this, you get Stewardship Palooza! And this is what it looked like:

Interactivity! at Stewardship Palooza

Dirt and roots at Stewardship Palooza

The stewardship dudes

No live animals but there was this falcon

Sibella and Kellyx

Here’s why we’re doing this. There’s a thrill to acquiring land to be conserved in perpetuity. Working with a land owner to buy a property for conservation – whether for public use, mitigation or some kind of easement – involves deal making, time-pressured fundraising, and in some cases, press and publicity. There are acres, dollars, species and impacts to count, all of which make the acquisition measurable and rewarding.

Then what? The land needs to managed and stewarded… and it’s not straight forward as that may sound. There are streams to rehabilitate, school groups to involve, histories to understand, and relationships to build. From large properties to day-lit urban creeks, rural landscapes to city parks, we need to collectively take care of the 1.37 million acres that we have protected in our 10 counties. Active and adaptive stewardship is critical and increasingly will be the focus of land conservation efforts in the Bay Area.

Today we’re having some fun while we bring to life stewardship projects from around the Bay Area. Specifically, we’re going to learn more about and get hands on with:

And Lech Nauvmovich from Golden Hour Restoration Institute was our moderator for the discussion.

We didn’t live-blog as we usually do because of the different format of today’s Gathering. But what we did do was take pictures. Like these:

Stewardship Palooza is fun

Poem written by an 8 year old about taking care of the land

It's all smiles at Stewardship Palooza

Talking about CEMEX

Phil holding court

More photos are over on Flickr.

To wrap up, watch this from a 2014 Lollapalooza artist who also likes to have some fun outside:

Thanks to all who came. Let’s keep the conversation going about the value of stewardship!