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This is how an Open Space Council quiz show works

November 14, 2014

We’re always looking for new ways to engage people in our work and the work of our members. For example, Stewardship Palooza involved a do-it-yourself watershed, make your own tea, and oysters actively eating algae. People were interacting with stewardship projects and interacting with each other and it was fun.

For the past few years we’ve tried a bunch of ways of using the internet to publicly acknowledge our members, like this, this and this. We’re trying something new again by thanking our members and supporters with Quiz Show Fridays.

What does this look like? Click here or on the image below to see.Quiz-Show-Fridays


So far thousands of people have seen our members’ logos and learned about their work. And the momentum is growing each week.

What you can do when it’s your organization’s turn: 

More of what it looks like


What you can do as a general fan of Open Space Council members:


What it looks like


Important details


Big thanks to our Communications Intern Trevor Rice for his deft game-show-host skills.