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Please Describe: SCIENCE

September 12, 2014

Land conservation isn’t all fun and games. Behind every acquisition, integral to every stewardship project, and underneath every park is science. There’s science of all kinds: biology, ecology, ornithology, geology, geomorphology, archeology, dendroecology, and many more ‘ologies. Over the years we’ve talked about science and its role in land conservation a lot at Open Space Council Gatherings, conferences and working groups.

Will you join us for a stroll through the Life Sciences section of the Open Space Council’s library? Here we go:

science 4

5-Valley Oak Planting slide copy

science 3


Stu Weiss at November 2012 Gathering from OpenSpaceCouncil

science 1

science 5.png

9-Little things matter - CR

2014 Conference – Gretchen LeBuhn from SF State from OpenSpaceCouncil

science 6

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Photos with text by Lech Naumovich. Other photos by Annie Burke.