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Please Describe: RELEVANCY

July 28, 2014

This is the second installment of our new blog post series called “Please Describe:” We will dive deep into our library of surveys, registration forms, Flickr sets, tweets, Instagrams, and more to put together a story of the Bay Area conservation community. The words are yours and the pictures are of you. This is a reflection of our community and how we are working together. We will pick a theme and we’ll curate pictures and words that reflect it. This month we focus on relevancy. 


Land conservation is often perceived as something apart from people, apart from the surrounding communities. How can we be more relevant? How can we involve more people in our work? How do we create a culture in land conservation that is welcoming, interactive and participatory? How do we encourage people of all kinds to engage in meaningful ways to our efforts to protect and steward land? Speakers at our Gatherings and Conference over the years have addressed this multi-faceted issue. Here are some highlights and things to ponder.


2013 Open Space Conference – Brady Robinson from OpenSpaceCouncil


As seen at a BART station

As seen at a BART Station


Open Spaces, Healthy Places from OpenSpaceCouncil

2011 Open Space Conference – LandPaths from OpenSpaceCouncil


The Whole Pie from Jered Lawson from Pie Ranch, as shown at our Gathering in January 2012.


Social Media by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy from OpenSpaceCouncil


As seen at the 2014 Open Space Conference


2014 Conference – Kay Wang from New America Media from OpenSpaceCouncil