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Next week: Drought, climate resiliency, and water agencies

March 9, 2016


The conservation community in the Bay Area is putting all kinds of conservation into practice. There are land trusts buying land for parks, or purchasing conservation easements. There are park agencies at the local, regional, state, and national levels who are working hard to create and manage publicly accessible open spaces. There are resource conservation districts working with private land owners to appropriately steward their lands. There are cities who are connecting our urban dwellers to their ‘nearby nature.’  There are nonprofits of all shapes and sizes who are advocating and doing all they can to support these nobel endeavors.

And there are water agencies who own, manage, and steward hundreds of thousands of acres of watersheds. We’re going to hear from four Bay Area water agencies on March 17 at our Almost Spring Gathering.

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This is from the Water Temple in Sunol.


Join us as we talk about drought, wildlife habitats, and partnerships with:

The Gathering will be held at the Brower Center at 2150 Allston Way in Berkeley. The program starts at 10:00am with coffee/tea served at 9:30am. Lunch will be served and networking will be encouraged.

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This is the water temple.



Photos from the Water Temple at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission in Sunol, CA.