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Live-blogging at the Gathering on Maps & Apps, Tools & Tips

September 12, 2013


Yes! It was a great Gathering with lots of energy. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed. We know that there’s some good stuff happening over on Twitter at #mapsapps13. We know that a lot of business cards were traded. We know that people were talking until at least 1:30pm. We are wondering how many apps were downloaded during those two hours… any guesses?

Take a look at what the day looked like:


Click on the image to see more images.

Thanks so much to our speakers:

And a big thanks to Michael Norelli from Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy for moderating. Back to Earth Catering provided our delicious food. The Brower Center is our world headquarters and a great place to hold a meeting. And our next Gathering will be November 22 in San Jose at the Sobrato Foundation. Will you join us?


12:30pm: Lunch!




12:00pm: Michael Norelli is wrapping us up and then it’s time for LUNCH!

11:52am: Lots of questions and discussion going on. In a few minutes we’ll break for lunch when even more conversations take place, connections are made, and more. I’ll be taking pictures and I’ll post them later this afternoon.

11:34am: We’ve moved into the Q&A section of today’s program. I’ll do my best to record them, but court reporting wasn’t something I studied at school. One question was about taking some of the technologies to other regions in the country and the world and how to reach to new populations and new languages.

11:30am: And our last speaker of the day is Victoria Bogdan from Nerds for Nature. Here is her presentation:

Maps and Apps – Nerds for Nature from OpenSpaceCouncil


11:20am: Next up is John Kelly from GreenInfo Network. His favorite place outside is Claremont Canyon. Here’s his presentation:

Maps and Apps – GreenInfo Network from OpenSpaceCouncil

11:15am : Our next speaker is Arthur Bart-Williams from Canogle. His favorite app is Words with Friends and his favorite place outside is Fernandez Ranch in Martinez. Here is his presentation:

Maps and Apps – Canogle from OpenSpaceCouncil


11:06am: Our next speaker is Ryan Branciforte from Transit & Trails. He has been with the Bay Area Open Space Council for the past 5 years where he has incubated Transit & Trails. Okay, so we’re a little biased. Here’s his presentation:

Maps and Apps – Transit & Trails from OpenSpaceCouncil
11:03am: Alright, we’re transitioning back into presentations in one minute. We’ll hear from Transit & Trails, GreenInfo Network, Canogle, and Nerds for Nature.

10:58am: This has been a really rich Q&A session. I’ll post some pictures later today. And there’s good chatter on Twitter at #mapsapps13

10:49am: There have been several questions ranging from how to partner with Google, how the industry sees what to do about crowd-sourced data that is wrong, the future of technology, and the availability of maps for differently-able people. I’m not a fast enough typer to transcribe it all. Sorry!


10:43am: Question from the audience: are there ways in which we can connect more people to technology? Peter Birch from Google Earth said that this is a big question for our society today. George Oates from Stamen said that they’re working on printable maps.

10:42am: I am taking pictures of today’s event and will post them afterwards. There are some pictures now over on Twitter from me and others here.

10:41am: After Tristan’s presentation we’re going to stop the presentations (stop the madness!) and take some questions from the audience.

10:36am: We’re moving fast here! Two presentations down, five to go. Up next is Tristan Lyttle from Avenza. He has flown in from Toronto, making him the person who has traveled the farthest to today’s event. Here’s his presentation:

Maps and Apps – Avenza from OpenSpaceCouncil

10:33am: There are a bunch of people tweeting this morning. Hop over to Twitter and search #mapsapps13

10:31am: We’re now transitioning to George Oates from Stamen. Michael Norelli introduced her as someone who loves the mobile app “Words with Friends” and spending time on Australian beaches. Here is her (yes, her!) presentation:

10:25am: Peter Birch from Google Earth is going to go first. Here’s his presentation:

Maps and Apps – Google Earth from OpenSpaceCouncil


10:24am: Michael Norelli from the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (@parks4all) is setting the context and getting us all ready. We are going to hear 5-minute presentations from 7 groups today. It’s going to be fast and a lot of information. And we’ll have two times for Q&A.

10:23am: Whew – sorry for the delay here. Has to happen that when we’re talking about technology the technology wasn’t working.



10:05am: In the registration form we asked people for their favorite mobile app. This is what they shared:

What’s yours?

10:00am: Good morning! We’re here at the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley for our Fall Gathering entitled Maps & Apps, Tools & Tips.

The use of mobile technologies – including smart phones, tablets, and wearable technology – are on the rise across all socio-economic levels. Interactive maps and mobile applications are tools with which park and trail organizations can make it easy for people to get to, have a positive experience at, and stay connected to their parks and trails. What tools are available to us on a pro-bono basis, through partnerships, or on the market? What tips and advice would make any venture into the world of mobile apps easier to navigate?

Today we are discussing, clicking, swiping, and sharing about presentations – Ignite-style – from the following groups:

Michael Norelli from the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy will moderate.

This is Annie Burke and I will be blogging about the event for the next two hours. Refresh your browser often and pretend that you’re here. My colleagues will be tweeting at @BA_OpenSpace and we’ll share pictures on Instagram. Pose questions for the Q&A portion of the program on Twitter with the hashtag #mapsapps13.

Ready? Let’s go!