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Liveblogging from the Rainy Season Gathering!

January 17, 2013


Our usual format for our Gatherings is a panel of speakers with some time at the end for discussion. We changed it up this time and made the whole Gathering a series of conversations in small groups. Participants were seated first by geography, then by the type of job they do, and then mixed by career stage. The event was very interactive! It was an experiment and from what we heard afterwards it was a successful one. Here’s what Victoria Bogdan said on Twitter:

Thanks Victoria!Other participants said:

Thanks to the S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation for their support of this Gathering and to Back to Earth for feeding us. Our next Gathering will be March 21 from 10am-1pm at the Brower Center in Berkeley. Stay tuned for more details soon! If you just know that you’re coming, no matter what, here’s where you can register.


12pm: Wow! It was a morning of rich conversations and now we’re breaking for lunch. Here’s a peak at what it looked like:

11:00am: We’re tweeting and for those of you not on Twitter, it looks like this:


10:30am: Now we’re sitting at tables and engaging in conversations about the work we do to conserve and connect people to the land. Wondering what 90 people sound like? Here’s what it sounds like in here right now:

10:20am: Ryan shared this great animation of land protection in the Bay Area, courtesy of GreenInfo Network:

10:15am: Ryan Branciforte is sharing the latest version of the Bay Area Protected Areas Map. Here’s his presentation:

Announcing 2012 Bay Area Protected Lands Map from OpenSpaceCouncil

You can download the map and GIS data.

10am: Good morning! The house is full and loud for our Rainy Season Gathering at the Brower Center entitled Who are you? Who are we?. People are ready to talk. Today we’re doing something different. Instead of the usual format where there’s a panel, presentations, and Q&A, we’re turning the whole thing into Q&A. Everyone is seated at tables and we’re going to have small-group facilitated conversations. Some of the questions we’re going to discuss include:

This is Annie Burke and I usually post snippets and presentations to the blog during a Gathering. Today I’m going to be taking pictures. Refresh your browser often and pretend that you’re here. My colleagues will be tweeting at @BA_OpenSpace.

Ready? Let’s go!