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Liveblogging from the Rainy Season Gathering!

January 20, 2011

12:12pm: LUNCH!

12:10pm: Bettina thanks everyone in the room for their work on climate change.  And she invites everyone to subscribe to our blog and tune into the Open Space Council's website for upcoming events.

12:09pm: Karen concludes. Bruce thanks them for their work and their presentations and turns the mic over to Bettina. 

12:07pm: Karen Gaffney: We need to do a better job of talking and working with new partners and organizations/agencies/people with whom we don't usually interact.

12:02pm: Karen Gaffney: We are working on:


11:54am: Karen says that she is changing the focus a little bit because we're going to talk about more of the transportation and the social aspects of climate change.  They are working with a lot of partners – many of whom are in the room.

Karen Gaffney

Karen: "What are the economies of scale when we work together?"


11:51am: Bruce says "Sonoma County has led the way on climate change.  They have set the toughest goals of all who have set goals across the state."  And introduces Karen Gaffney from the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District

11:48am: Emily invites attendees to visit their website and get involved.  She will take 1 or 2 questions.  One question was about the Redwoods that are planted in urban environments.  Emily responded that these trees need so much water that there is a limited amount that they can grow outside of their range.  Bruce thanks Emily and we applaud…

11:46am: Another theme: this stuff is complicated! 

11:41am: There is a theme emerging from the 3 speakers so far… scientists are working with land managers and making the science applicable.  

11:37am: Emily shares with the group the following image:


11:32am: Bruce Riordan thanks Lisa and the crowd applauses.  And invites Emily Limm from the Save the Redwoods League and their Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative.  


11:25am: The Initiative will share data in a portal of SF Conservation Commons.


11:17am: Lisa describes the North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative.

Screen shot 2011-01-20 at 11.20.28 AM.png

11:11am: Bruce introduces Lisa Micheli from the Pepperwood Preserve.  She's going to talk about the North Bay Initiative and the work they are doing at Pepperwood.  The Open Space Council participated in a 3-day meeting at Pepperwood in July 2010 that was led by David Ackerly


11:06am: Bob wraps up his presentation and everyone applauds.  

Bruce Riordan about Marin Carbon Project: "This could be a game changer."


11:02am: Bob shared this slide about the work they are doing:


10:54am: Bob tells the group about phase one of the Marin Carbon Project when Bio-Geo-Chemist Dr. Whendee Silver joined the project as the lead scientist.


10:48am: Bruce tells the group that the Bay Area has been a leader in the past and can be for climate change.  He introduces Bob Berner of MALT to talk about the Marin Carbon Project.


10:45am:  Bettina Ring takes the podium and thanks Darla for her work and her time.  We're switching gears now to our presenters about Climate Change on the Ground…

Bruce Riordan is going to moderate the panel.  


10:43am: Darla Guenzler of CCLT



10:42am: At CCLT's conference on March 1 and 2 there will be a 1/2 day totally dedicated to water issues. 

10:36am: SF Bay Conservancy Program is not in the current version of the Water Bond and in Darla's opinion this needs to change.


10:30am: Darla is talking about the Water Bond and how it does not have to be reopened.  Chances are good that it's going to be reopened, though.  The CCLT has been holding conference calls and meetings around the state to find what each region is interested in about the Bond.


10:28am: Darla Guenzler addressing the full room in the Brower Center.

Photo on 2011-01-20 at 10.27

This is Annie Burke and I'm the Director of Development and Engagement for the Open Space Council.  I'll be blogging live from today's Rainy Season Gathering.  If there are any misspellings or grammatical errors, my apologies!  

Darla Guenzler is talking about the work of the CA Council of Land Trusts… more soon…