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Liveblogging from the Fall Gathering!

September 15, 2011


Thank you to all who attended the Fall Gathering on September 15th!  We had a full house to hear Sam Schuchat and Amy Hutzel talk.  

Thank you, Sam and Amy, for sharing your time and expertise!  And of course thank you for all that you're doing for conservation in the Bay Area.

We also want to thank Bi-Rite Market for a delicious lunch.  For those of you that asked, the salad was their Farro, Corn and Peach Salad with Sweet Peppers and Red Onion-Sherry Vinaigrette.

Our next Gathering will be November 17 at the Brower Center in Berkeley.  More information about it coming soon!


12:20pm: LUNCH!

11:45am: Our presentation can be seen here:

11:41am:  The partnership between the Coastal Conservancy and the Open Space Council is long-standing and critical, and one that we value immeasurably.  Bettina Ring, Ryan Branciforte and I are going to talk about the work we've done over the past 9-12 months at the Open Space Council. 

11:39am: Amy is wrapping up now.  

11:26am: Amy Hutzel: 

Amy Hutzel

11:17am: Here's Amy's presentation for your reading pleasure:

11:16am: Amy gave an overview of the purpose and work of the Coastal Conservancy's Bay Program.  Thirty projects have gone to their Board this past year and that's what we're going to learn about today. 

11:09am: I am loading up Amy's presentation now and will share it here as soon as it's ready…

11:07am: Andrea asked for all the Executive Committee members to stand up.  She encouraged all who have questions about the Open Space Council to talk to any of these folks.  

Andrea then introduced Amy Hutzel, the Program Manager of the Bay Area Program of the State Coastal Conservancy.  

11:06am:  Sam concludes… applause!

10:53am:  Andrea Mackenzie is opening it up to questions from the group.  By the way, the room is packed with almost 100 people!

10:50am: "I don't think we're going to put anything on the 2012 ballot," said Sam Schuchat.  "That will be discussed at our Board meeting in October, which is open to the public and I welcome you all to attend."

10:44am: We've learned that Hilary Clinton is speaking down the road at the Golden Gate Club.  What are the chances of her coming to the Log Cabin to talk about open space?

10:39am: Sam Schuchat talking about polling results:

Sam Schuchat at Fall Gathering

10:26am:  Sam enthusiastically welcomed the crowd.  The powerpoint he is going to share today is available on the Restoration Authority's website and also right here: 


10:24am:  Andrea Mackenzie, the Chair of the Open Space Council and General Manager of the Santa Clara Regional Open Space Authority, has kicked off the meeting. She welcomed our newest member, Lagoon Valley Conservancy.  We went around the very full room and did introductions.  Then Andrea introduced Sam Schucat of the Coastal Conservancy and Restoration Authority.  

10:00am: Good morning!  Today we are holding our 4th Gathering of the year at the Log Cabin in the Presidio.  This is Annie Burke and I'll be blogging this morning with quotes, photos, and links.  

Today we're taking One Look Back, Two Steps Forward and looking at the past year with the Coastal Conservancy Bay Area Program.  Sam Schuchat, the Executive Officer of the Coastal Conservancy, will speak first about the Restoration Authority and some recent polling.  Then Amy Hutzel, Manager of the Bay Area Program, will lead us on a tour of their work and accomplishments over the past year.  Lastly us chickens from the Open Space Council will talk about what we've been up to.  It's going to be fun.

The program starts at 10am.  Ready?