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Liveblogging from the Almost Spring Gathering!

March 17, 2011

12:00: Lunch!

11:52: Sheila Barry: “There are at least 30 public agencies in the Bay Area who are using grazing on their land.”

11:49:  Lunch is being set up.  We’re going to wrap up the panel soon and turn it over to Bettina Ring, the Executive Director of the Open Space Council.

11:46: Questions and ideas and suggestions and examples are flying around the room.

11:29: I can’t type fast enough to capture the great questions and especially the detailed answers.

Handouts from today’s Gathering are being posted to our Events page.

11:23: Larry Ford is talking about a project he’s currently working on to understand the Ohlone Tiger Beetle.  It seems that the species has thrived where there is grazing and trails.

11:22: We’re opening up the panel to questions…

11:18: Clayton says the biggest step is to find someone who you work well with to start these big projects.  It’s complicated and takes a long time.  It makes a difference to have someone you can talk to and roll up your sleeves with.

11:15: Sheila is introducing Clayton Koopman, a rangeland ecologist for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (one of the 60 members of the Open Space Council)

11:08: Darrel Sweet is back in front of the room.  He’s the fifth generation living on his ranch.  Here is the view from his ranch:

11:07: Teri: “Communication between land managers, ranchers and the public is key!”

11:02: Teri is talking about how grazing was a dirty word in the 1980s and she now embraces it (and the ranchers which isn’t always appreciated).

11:01: Sheila is now introducing Teri Luchini from the City of Fairfield…

10:58: What it looks like here:

10:55: Sheila is now introducing Lisa Bush, a Rangeland Management Consultant.  And we’re looking at this up on the screen:

10:52: Larry is sharing this slide:

10:41: Sheila Barry is introducing Larry Ford

10:40: Lynn  Huntsinger: “Ranching can provide ecosytem stewardship and services on private as well as public lands.”

10:30: Lynn Huntsinger is now speaking about what the conservation of working landscapes require:

“There are synergies: mutual benefits from ranch stewardship.  Sustainable ranches need a stable, year round, forage supply.  Cows are not plants: pastoralism world wide make sure of mobility.”

10:28: We’re looking at this map up on the screen:

This map was created using the Conservation Lands Network by the CA Rangeland Trust.

10:20: Darrel Sweet is now speaking.  Click here for his website.  He is talking about the CA Rangeland Trust and that it is one of the largest conservation efforts in the United States.

“We’re trying to get away from preserving little pieces of land and doing it on a bigger scale.  We need to do it on a larger scale to save the kit fox and achieve our goals.”


10:15: Bettina is introducing Sheila Barry, the moderator of today’s panel.  The agenda for today’s panel can be downloaded here:  Download BAOSC Panel Agenda_3

10:09: Andrea Mackenzie – new General Manager of the Santa Clara Open Space Authority and Chair of the Open Space Council’s Executive Committee – just started talking.  One third of people in the room haven’t been to an Open Space Council Gathering before…

9:58: Good morning!  The crowd is arriving for our Almost Spring Gathering at the Log Cabin.  This is Annie Burke and I’ll be blogging with links and photos and quotes from today’s Gathering.  We are expecting a full house – the response to today’s topic has been huge!  It will be an interesting discussion for sure.

Stay tuned and refresh often…