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September 17, 2010

"Inspiring" is what one attendee said about yesterday's Members' Meeting at the Log Cabin. 

Almost 70 people gathered to say goodbye (or, rather, see you later!) to Neal Fishman and Maxene Spellmen who are retiring from the California Coastal Conservancy, to remember the thousands and thousands of acres now conserved in the Bay Area thanks to the Coastal Conservancy's Bay Program, and to look forward to continued collaboration to protect and steward open space in the region.  We also heard the story about how one request for information turned into a beautiful and game-changing book for the East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (a story that will for sure be retold here sometime soon). 


It was a room full of colleagues and friends all working towards the same goal.  And we'll do it again.  Save the date of November 18.  Turkeys might be involved.