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146 people attended 4 input sessions

August 16, 2019


The strength of the Bay Area Open Space Council is its community.

We are in the process of rebuilding this organization, and thinking hard about what is needed and how this organization can lead the conservation and stewardship community in the 21st Century. Some things are clear, and some still need to be defined.

We held four input sessions over the past two weeks to hear what the community perceives as the pros and cons of the future options for this organization. And they were enormously helpful to the planning process.

146 people attended the four sessions. They asked 72 clarifying questions. They used 900+ post-it notes it notes to share their perspectives on the pros and cons of each option. Because each of the options has trade-offs. None are perfect. And they indicated with dot stickers which one of the four options they think we should pursue based on our decision-making criteria, and which one they think will have the most impact on the region.

The 146 attendees did something more than that, though. They participated in the creation of the next phase of this organization. They sat with colleagues, some they knew and others they didn’t, and talked about what this region needs in the next 20 years. They contributed to building something up, not tearing it down.

The next step is to share all of this valuable input with the Planning Committee (see below). The Planning Committee will consider all of it and develop a recommendation for which option (or combination of options) the organization should pursue. They will make that recommendation to the Board of Directors and the Board will make a decision this fall.

Our thanks to Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, Sonoma Land Trust, and Save the Redwoods League for hosting. We also held one session, hosted by the Council, in Oakland.

We thank Marin County Parks and Open Space DistrictMidpeninsula Regional Open Space DistrictSanta Clara Valley Open Space Authority, and Sonoma County Ag and Open Space for their leadership and support of this planning process.

And a very warm thank you to all of you who attended these input sessions. We will have a stronger, more strategic Bay Area Open Space Council because of you.


PS: Want to know more about what’s going on with the BAOSC? 

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And we thank the following individuals for their time and contributions on the Planning Committee: