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November 26, 2014

It’s that time of year when we pause and give thanks. Really, though, we do this all year long. We at the Open Space Council are constantly humbled by the important work of our members, amazed by the speakers at our events, and impressed by how tools like the Conservation Lands Network are being used. A day doesn’t pass when we aren’t grateful for this large and growing community of people doing world-changing work.

We have a request, though.

Will you go outside sometime this long weekend? Will you visit a park, move your legs, explore with friends, and take in a view with family? The Bay Area is home to 1 million acres of publicly accessible land. Let’s skip the mall and go outside, shall we?

We leave you with thousands of photos of you. Click on the images below and you’ll see albums and albums of photos of the land conservation community in the Bay Area. Photos of you, your colleagues, and your partners. Click through and know that you’re part of something big.


This is you
This is more of you
This is even more of you



Have a great Thanksgiving with as much time spent outside as possible.

~ Your friends at the Open Space Council