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Event: Workshop on Upland Habitat Goals Explorer, January 26

January 5, 2011

If you acquire and/or manage land in the Bay Area and if you don't know GIS very well then you might enjoy and/or benefit from our upcoming workshop:



This workshop is intended for leaders and managers who are actively acquiring and managing land in the Bay Area.  Knowledge of GIS is not necessary.  

The Upland Habitat Goals Explorer –one of the products of the Upland Habitat Goals Project – is a web-based interactive mapping tool that offers ready access to the project’s data and recommendations to everyone regardless of GIS skill level.  A conservation practitioner or land use planner can outline a property or area of interest to display a Biodiversity Portfolio Report detailing the property’s vegetation types, conservation suitability, proximity to or inclusion in the Conservation Lands Network, conservation targets, and a host of additional information.  For more information about the project and the Explorer, click here.

For more experienced GIS users, there will be a full-day workshop on February 15th which will cover the Explorer as well as the full GIS database, methodology, modeling and other analysis that went into the Upland Habitat Goals project. Our Events page will have more information as it is available.

Send any questions and your wish to register by email to Nancy Schaefer at [email protected]