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The Open Space Council endorses Measure AA

May 13, 2016


Today the Bay Area Open Space Council announces its endorsement for Measure AA, the San Francisco Bay Clean Water, Pollution Prevention and Habitat Restoration Program.

Measure AA is a regional ballot measure that voters in all nine Bay Area counties will consider on their June 7th ballots. It authorizes a small $1/month parcel tax throughout the nine Bay Area counties, and over 20 years will generate $500 million for critically important Bay projects.

We are endorsing Measure AA to show our strong support for this historic measure that would provide stable, long term funding for open space and support projects that improve public access to shorelines, trails and recreational opportunities. It would enable restoration and clean up of the region’s bay lands, improvements for water quality, restore fish, bird and wildlife habitat, and protect low-lying communities and infrastructure from floods.

Wetlands restoration is a critical component of the Bay Area’s response to climate change. The Bay needs 100,000 acres of wetlands to be healthy, sustainable and resilient. More than 30,000 shoreline acres are already awaiting restoration, but the missing piece is funding. The $25 million provided annually through this measure would help fund restoration of more than 15,000 acres of wetlands and tidal marshes in all parts of our region.

A two-thirds vote, Bay Area wide, is required to pass Measure AA (not a 2/3 vote in each county.) This is an historic opportunity for citizens to pass a regional measure that is fair and focused on protecting our local communities and environment. Funds raised by Measure AA can only be used on projects in the Bay Area’s nine counties, are overseen by an independent citizens’ committee, and will be managed under fair and transparent rules.

You can learn more about Measure AA by visiting the campaign’s website.

You can sign up for the Open Space Council’s Outdoor Voice listserv to find out ways you can get engaged and support Measure AA.

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