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Dear GIS managing and using people,

December 18, 2016


(if you’re not a GIS manager, will you forward this to them?)

We write to get your input because we want to have all of your organization’s lands in the Bay Area Protected Areas Database (BPAD).

The BPAD is arguably the most important regional dataset for park access and natural resource conservation and management. It contains geographic and access information for the region’s 4,700+ protected parks, open space preserves, and water supply watersheds. The BPAD is downloaded every year by hundreds of agencies, advocacy groups, researchers, consultants and more in order to perform all sorts of analysis from park equity to natural resource threat assessments to land use and transportation planning. The bi-annual BPAD release gives us the ability to measure progress toward regional goals for conservation and access to open space.

Keeping the BPAD up to date is only possible because of you as one of the data managers at the region’s municipalities, non-profits, park departments, and special districts. Your input will make this next update the best one yet with the most accurate data and access status information.

The next release of the BPAD in early 2017 is especially important. Tom Robinson at the Bay Area Open Space Council is leading the next phase of the Conservation Lands Network and BPAD is the foundational input to the goal setting, mapping, and reporting on progress towards regional biodiversity goals.

Will help us get accurate data and create a tool that’s useful to you? Here’s what you can do:

1) Review data and provide feedback.

MapCollaborator is GreenInfo Network’s interactive online map where you can search on your organization/agency and input feedback directly via the web. MapCollaborator only displays fee title lands, so if you only have fee title lands, this may be the best option for you.

As you peruse your lands, here are the things we really need to know:

Here are the best ways to provide feedback (in order of preference):

Do you have land under conservation easement? Click this link to download the latest release of the California Conservation Easement Database (CCED). This has the most current easement data.

Please provide your input by January 20th. Email your feedback to Maianna Voge at GreenInfo Network: [email protected]

2) Tell us how you use GIS data

We have a quick survey for you that will take less than 10 minutes:

Answer 9 questions (three of which are incredibly easy)

Thank you for being a part of the effort to make BPAD as accurate and thorough as possible. An accurate BPAD means informed decisions that affect all park, open space, and natural resource managers.


Best regards,
Tom Robinson, Bay Area Open Space Council
Dan Radamacher, GreenInfo Network


That's what we call nice GIS