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Cows are not plants, and other tidbits from last week’s Almost Spring Gathering

March 21, 2011

The 100+ people in the room learned a lot at last week's Almost Spring Gathering entitled Grazing and Conservation: Ranchers and Environmentalists, including that cows are indeed not plants.  Another tip from the panel is to not cut butter with a chainsaw.  In addition to these major life lessons, we learned a lot about a complicated and challenging topic.  In front of the room were a Park Ranger, a scientist wearing a cowboy hat, a professor, the author of a "Grazing Bible," an experienced rangeland consultant, and a 5th generation Bay Area rancher.  It was a fascinating presentation and a rich discussion afterward with the audience.    

Thanks the presenters, all who attended and all who followed along here on the blog.  Thanks also to The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy for sponsoring lunch.  

The presentation and handouts are now available on our website.  Click here (and scroll down to Past Events).  

Our next big event is the Open Space Conference on May 12.  Registration is now open.  Our next Gathering will be July 21 at the Log Cabin and is aptly named the Fog Gathering.  The agenda is in the works.