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25 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

July 3, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

We like to think a little differently here at the Open Space Council. Accordingly we have some different ideas for how to best spend your 4th of July weekend. Don’t get us wrong… we fully support picnics and parades and pie. But we think popular culture is missing out on 25 very fun things to do this long weekend. If we had our way, everyone would be doing these 25 things.

Ready for it? Let’s begin.


1. Click on 65 really cool links

2. Watch the State of Harmony


3. Sign up to use your Outdoor Voice

4. See what Outdoor Voice is doing on Facebook

5. Browse maps about recharge and runoff (nothin’ says celebration better than that)

6. Explore the Bay Area’s protected lands with Explorer



7. Become a Visionary

8. Save the date: September 17 will be our next Gathering focused on partnerships between Native Americans and land conservation organizations

9. Turn up the volume and click this

10. Donate to the Bay Area Open Space Council

11. Read a book

12. Read an article

13. Find a friend



14. Take a pause

15. Sing with a Congressman, a rock legend, and an Open Space Council Advisory Council member

16. Debate which is better: this or this

17. Find a job

18. See progress

19. Check out Instagram

20. Read a story

21. Think about every inch of United States land

We’re working with @mrosd @plusmsf and to tell the story about unique partnerships between Native Americans and land conservation organizations in the Bay Area. Because not one inch of land in the United States wasn’t Native American land at one time. #conservation #land #openspace #nature #justice #bayarea #video #nativeamerican #partnership #friends

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22. Count some acres

23. Get in The Loop

24. Read a blog

25. Consider the tortoise and the hare


What are you going to do this weekend? Whatever you do – whether it’s these 25 things or not – we wish you a happy long weekend and Independence Day.