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Save the Redwoods League Celebrates its Centennial Year

April 18, 2018


Save the Redwoods League, one of our 2018 Open Space Conference Lead Sponsors and Council member is celebrating a huge milestone – its centennial year. Here’s a look at the League past and present, and its vision for the future:


Photo by William K. Matthais, 2011, courtesy of Save the Redwoods League


“In this, our centennial year, Save the Redwoods League marks 100 years of protecting iconic coast redwoods and giant sequoia, safeguarding more than 200,000 acres of irreplaceable forest, helping create 66 redwood parks and reserves, and connecting generations of visitors with the giants’ peace and beauty.

However, the League couldn’t have done this alone! In fact, history shows that the League has always relied on critical partnerships. In the greater San Francisco Bay Area, for example, the League has collaborated with city, county, state and federal agencies for many years. East Bay Regional Park District, Sonoma Land Trust, LandPaths and Oakland Unified School District are just a few of the partners with which the League has worked to purchase land, restore logged redwood forests, and teach people about these amazing ecosystems.

Another joint project is underway in the Santa Cruz Mountains as part of the Living Landscape Initiative. The League is working with Peninsula Open Space Trust, Sempervirens Fund, and Land Trust of Santa Cruz County to manage and restore the 8,500-acre San Vincente Redwoods. The effort has secured a critical part of the mountains’ ecosystem that now connects 27,500 acres of contiguous protected woodland.

The League’s first century was dedicated to saving treasured examples of the ancient groves that once dominated California’s coast and the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada. Now, at the start of the League’s second century—the organization is striving to heal the young redwood forests that surround and sustain the protected ancient groves and the amazing and vibrant ecosystems they support. This may sound like a daunting task, but in a world increasingly defined by the deterioration of the global environment—climate change, receding glaciers, dammed and dying rivers, unprecedented rates of species extinction—the League has a story of hope and resilience to tell.

The League has a vision to set in motion the regeneration of the redwood forest across the state and restore resilience in California’s most iconic landscapes. And the League will endeavor to inspire future generations to continue this critical work while renewing our human connection to the natural world through these treasured redwood parklands.

Our work to protect and restore these forests is only just beginning.

The League’s is honored to participate with and be part of the Bay Area Open Space Council. Paul Ringgold, the League’s Chief Program Officer, serves on the Council’s board. And, thanks to the Council’s nurturing and enthusiastic spirit of cooperation, the League is able to share information with dozens of member organizations in quarterly Gatherings and the fantastic Annual Conference. We look forward to the challenges and successes ahead of us during the next 100 years, just as we anticipate continuing our participation with the Council and its many members and supporters.”

For a look at some of Save the Redwoods League’s Centennial programs and recent work, check out these links:


Photo by Karl Kroeber, courtesy of Save the Redwoods League