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Pictures, presentations, and the big question at #OSCsocial

October 4, 2016

We ask the big questions here at the Open Space Council. At last week’s Gathering we were wrestling with questions like this one: If a hashtag is written on paper, does anybody see it?

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The Gathering on September 29, 2016 focused on how we can use social media for tangible outcomes, because these days Facebook is used for more than just brand awareness. It is a powerful tool being strategically used by companies, presidential campaigns, and nonprofits of all sizes. Social media of all kinds – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever is hot tomorrow – can deliver real results including:

• Increasing your online fundraising
• Getting the right people to attend your events
• Engaging the public in advocacy for land use decisions
• Building your email list

Photo by Dino Bonos

(Photo credit: Dino Bonos)

The speakers were:

Veda Banerjee, Director, Communications & Digital Marketing, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Social media for tangible outcomes – Veda Banerjee from OpenSpaceCouncil


Megan Medeiros, Executive Director, Committee for Green Foothills

Social media for tangible outcomes – Megan Mederios from OpenSpaceCouncil


Annie Burke, Deputy Director, Bay Area Open Space Council

Social media for tangible outcomes – Annie Burke from OpenSpaceCouncil


Of course, the Gathering was covered on Twitter by the audience:

Thanks to all who attended. And everyone out there asking the big questions, and trying new things with social media to get our work done.
Speaker selfie!