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Protecting the Land

We aim to strategically protect and steward two million acres of Bay Area habitats and rare landscapes.

Conservation Lands Network

conservation_lands_networkThe Conservation Lands Network is a regional vision and guide to protect the Bay Area’s irreplaceable landscapes. Between 2006 and 2011, the Bay Area Open Space Council partnered with 125 regional experts to develop the Conservation Lands Network (CLN) as a tool for conservation practitioners, landowners, land managers, policy makers and the public. In 2014 we released a progress report that looked at key indicators like protected lands, biodiversity, water resources, and stewardship.

Read the 2014 Progress Report
Read the original 2011 report
Discover the Explorer Tool

Protected Areas Database

protected_areas_databaseHow do we know where we’re going, if we don’t know where we are now?
We have collaborated with GreenInfo Network for many years to develop a very detailed GIS database of protected areas in the 9 county San Francisco Bay Area. Bay Area protected Lands Database (BPAD). In 2010 we included Santa Cruz County for the first time. Special thanks to the State Coastal Conservancy for providing funding to update this critical dataset.
Each year we update the database with the latest acquisitions and easements and share the data, maps, and a summary of statistics. And we continously work to make advancements to the spatial accuracy of the data.

BPAD is developed in coordination with the California Protected Areas Database and the California Conservation Easement Database – learn more at

Download the data at

Video: A State of Harmony

Depicts the shared land ethic behind the important protection and stewardship work being done by RCDs and Land Trusts in California. The film reminds those of us working in, around and toward land conservation that we are stronger together, and helps explain the role of land trusts and RCDs to new audiences.

Bay Area Public Parks & Open Space, 1850-2012

This animation illustrates a new data initiative of collecting acquisition dates for the one million acres of protected parks and other open lands in the San Francisco Bay region. The animation shows when lands were purchased (lands protected by easement are not yet in the system), beginning with the establishment of California in 1850.

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Regional Coordination

The Bay Area Open Space Council participates in regional projects that further the conservation movement, including:

Terrestial Biodiversity and Climate Change Collaborative

Terrestial Biodiversity and Climate Change Collaborative

How can we incorporate climate change futures into today’s planning?

Stewardship Working Group

Stewardship Working Group

How can we strategically steward the 1.4million acres – and growing – of protected land?

Critical Linkages

Critical Linkages

How can we create wildlife corridors in our urban and rural landscapes?

Bay Area Actions

Bay Area Actions

How can we identify and develop funding and policies that support regional conservation?