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Bay Area Protected Areas Database (BPAD)

Download the 2013 BPAD update!

A major part of understanding the conservation landscape is knowing where the existing protected lands are and who owns or manages those lands. Knowing this information allows us to assess regional goals, assist in planning for new areas to conserve, identify where people are in relation to parks and so much more.

With support from the Bay Area Program of the State Coastal Conservancy, GreenInfo Network developed this animation to illustrate a new data initiative of collecting acquisition dates for the one million acres of protected parks and other open lands in the San Francisco Bay region. The animation shows when lands were purchased (lands protected by easement are not yet in the system), beginning with the establishment of California in 1850.


Map: 2013 Bay Area Protected Lands

The Bay Area Open Space Council has collaborated with GreenInfo Network over the past 14 years to develop a very detailed GIS database of protected areas in the 9 county San Francisco Bay Area. In 2010 we included Santa Cruz County for the first time. Special thanks to the State Coastal Conservancy for providing funding to update this critical dataset. 

Each year we update the database with the latest acquisitions and easements. We continously work to make advancements to the spatial accuracy of the data. Each year we provide a new updated version of the data with summary statistics of total acreage by type of ownership, open vs restricted access, and ownership level. Download the data by clicking here


GreenInfo Network has expanded this dataset to cover the entire state of California. This dataset - called California Protected Areas Database or CPAD - is continuously being updated can be found here at


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