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Land conservation of yesterday is gone.

Today we need to change the way we think and change the way we operate in order to adapt to changing populations, climates, and funding realities. We need to try new things, meet new people, form new partnerships, steward the land in new ways, and identify new sources of funding. We won’t always get it right, but we have to try. 


The 2015 Open Space Conference will focus on innovations, experiments, attempts, and lessons learned across the broad field of land conservation. Join 500 Bay Area leaders in conservation, parks and recreation, and resource management – as well as leaders in health, business, and policy – to learn how we can try, learn and repeat individually and collectively.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Click here for benefits. And click here to join us as a sponsor.


Contact Annie Burke at annie at openspacecouncil dot org with questions and your interest.


Agendas, presentations, photos, speakers, sponsors, and more about the 2010-2014 conferences are available by clicking on the images below:


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About the Open Space Conference

The Open Space Conference builds community so that the people, organizations and agencies who protect land and connect people to land are better equipped to address challenges and seize opportunities. We equip attendees by pushing the thinking in new ways; looking ahead to what's around the corner; and building relationships across agency, geographic and generational lines. We believe that breaking bread together and talking about issues that are important are critical to a strong community. We also believe that we can do more together than we could individually.

For more information about the Open Space Conference, contact Annie Burke at annie at openspacecouncil dot org.



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