Live-blogging from the 2015 Rainy Season Gathering

rain rain rain

We’re documenting everything related to today’s Gathering… all in one place!


You could do that, or you could do this!

could 3

You don’t have to, but you could sponsor the Open Space Conference. You will probably (really) get something out of it.




What can we do together? How can we change the world?


Stories about national monuments, wildlife tunnels, and young leaders

rainy season means umbrellas

You could scan all the newspapers and read all the blogs. Or you could just read this every Wednesday.


Recruiting for focus groups!

focus groups 2

We’re looking for some outside perspectives on the Bay Area outdoors. If you’re an insider, can you help find some outsiders?


24 turns into 25

we thank you

We did it! And by “we” we mean the collective “we.”


Stories about mixtapes, former farms, and a NFL player

the YIKES version of the bay area

You could call this a cornucopia. Whatever you call it, it’s a whole lot of diverse and interesting stories about conservation.


Welcome to an Open Space 2015!

new year 1

Happy New Year! We start with gratitude and then look to what’s ahead in 2015.


A Year of Collaboration and Progress


The Open Space Council is big even though it’s small. And you’re a part of it.



pause 1

Let’s take a collective big breath.