Stories about comprehensive plans, land swaps, and new landmarks

Dude in leaves

This week we have really great stories from around the Bay Area. Such great stories that you’ll want to lay down in a field of leaves.


Stories about acknowledgement, expansion, and inclusion

rain rain rain

Did you hear that it’s going to rain later today? Read this as you mentally prepare for it.


The last 24 days of our 24th year

24 years

We’re going a little nuts with the number 24.


Dreams and Wishes and the 2015 Open Space Conference

conference 3

The more good ideas we have, the better the Open Space Conference will be. And the happier we’ll be, too.


Stories about black elephants, eucalyptus, and coho salmon

one green overpass

Want to know what’s happening in the Bay Area? Want to get some ideas? Read this.


When Giving Really Means Getting

outside 3

You could buy yet another sweater, or you could donate to the places that you enjoy, look at, relax in and benefit from. Easy choice, right?



you 1

We’re full of gratitude for you, but we also have a request.


24 years to celebrate, $24,000 to raise and 24 reasons to give

Avocets by Don McCullough

We’re celebrating a birthday this year and you’re invited to the party.


Live-blogging from the Harvest Gathering

this is what it looked like b4 110 more people showed up

Today’s Gathering will cover art, public health, companies, science, schools, and diversity. That’s all.


Stories about Indian tribes, John Muir, and Will Farrell

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 9.33.09 PM.png

We’ve got stories and links and videos and photo essays and Will Farrell. What more could a land conservation blog need.