Open Space Conference program, and week 2 of the Quiz Show


This week we’re featuring Coastal Conservancy, the San Francisco Bay Trail, and Mission Driven on #OSC2015QuizShow!


Live blogging from the Almost Spring Gathering

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What is an Open Space Council Gathering like? What exactly happened on March 19, 2015? Click through to see.


Come On Down! Quiz Show is Back!

come on down

We invite you to play the Open Space Conference Quiz Show!


Data, numbers, acres, and stories


Step right up! Get your 2014 Bay Area Protected Lands Database (BPAD)! It’s hot off the press.


Ceci n’est pas un miroir


We’re doing our research for the Your Bay Area initiative.


Will you attend the Open Space Conference?


You’re invited to take a step back and take a look around at the Open Space Conference on May 13-14, 2015.


Funders’ Perspectives on Bay Area Land Conservation

gathering 2

Our next Gathering – March 19 in Berkeley – will be a conversation. Will you be a part of it?


Stretching your wings


Transit & Trails is leaving the Open Space Council’s nest. And we’re excited to work with partners to see it grow.


Something is cookin’

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Oh, we’ve got good stuff in store for you. All you need to do is save the date (May 13-14) and lick your fingers.


We’re hiring!

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We’re recruiting for an Executive Director. And we wanted a visually interesting job posting but didn’t get it.


Stories – lots of them – from around the Bay Area

conference 3

We round up stories about conservation and serve them up. Just for you.


How to celebrate 25 years


Registration is opening soon for the Open Space Conference. That means now is the time to sign up as a sponsor. Like, right now.


What is your story?

what is your story

We want to hear your story. Yes, you!


How one of our Gatherings turned into something tangible

workshop header

A Gathering turns up lots of interest which turns into a workshop and can turn you in an expert.


Live-blogging from the 2015 Rainy Season Gathering

rain rain rain

We’re documenting everything related to today’s Gathering… all in one place!