Stories about timber harvest plans, quiz shows, and compost

sf stars

This week’s stories are full of pictures and links to click. And once again, they show we’re making progress!


Hiking Pine Canyon with Ron Brown

Ron Brown

We’re profiling one of our Board members who in addition to a passion for Mount Diablo also has a thing for fishing.


Stories about millennials, tule elk and park benches


Alright, so there aren’t a lot of stories. But what we have is good.


Mental telepathy with Holly Potter

holly potter 2

Take a quick peek to see who’s on our Board of Directors.


A closer look at Priority Conservation Areas

Tri Valley when it's green

We can get lost in alphabet soup. Here we explain one acronym you might have heard: PCAs.


Stories about 1,831 acres, 5,800 acres, and this darn drought

Nature is speaking

You do your work locally. Do you know what’s happening in other locales?


Eating artichokes with Reed Holderman

Reed Holderman 2

A whole lotta people make up the Open Space Council. Here’s one of them.


Stories about hidden gems, fingerprints, birds and bees

Question for you

Here it is. In a nutshell.


We’ve made progress! Let’s see what kind…

What has changed in the past 3 years? Announcing the Progress Report of the Conservation Lands Network.


Live! From inside the fishbowl!


Today’s Fall Gathering is fishbowl style and the topic is ecosystem services. Jump in! The water is warm!