Live-blogging from the Harvest Gathering

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Today’s Gathering will cover art, public health, companies, science, schools, and diversity. That’s all.


Stories about Indian tribes, John Muir, and Will Farrell

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We’ve got stories and links and videos and photo essays and Will Farrell. What more could a land conservation blog need.


Sitting on a bench, singing Happy Birthday


Here’s a little story about our newest team member and a big reminder of how interconnected everything is.


This is how an Open Space Council quiz show works

Show us

We’re hosting an online quiz show to promote our members and supporters. And everyone can play!


Stories about last week’s election, owls and our friend El Nino

Prove It!

We have a few different perspectives on last week’s election. And a conservation win in Florida that is big. We mean BIG.


The Forests, Trees and Open Spaces of 501c3 Incorporation

trees and forests

We were once a project. Now we’re an organization. And we’re growing up just in time for our 25th birthday.


Stories about measures and bonds and parks

yes i did

We leave real election coverage to the pros, but here’s a selection of land/parks highlights.


Try. Learn. Repeat.

thumbs up

Announcing the 2015 Open Space Conference! Save the date and be a part of it.


Stories about wildlife crossings, ferns, and short trails

Love that fax machine

Fax machines in National Parks? Could it be?


Please describe: FOOD

food 1

Food is both simple and complicated. We need it, that’s simple. How it’s grown, that’s complicated. We’ve talked about it a lot of the years. Here’s a taste.