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The Bay Area Open Space Council is a unique network of nonprofits and public agencies that conserve, steward and connect people to the region’s world-class parks, trails, and working lands in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What started in 1990 as a small group of like-minded colleagues, the Open Space Council has grown to 65 organizational members and supporters that serve tens of millions of people each year, maintain thousands of miles of trails, produce delicious food, and steward over 1 million acres of publicly accessible parks.

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From the blog

From the blog

While we’re giving thanks

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Live-blogging from the 2015 Harvest Gathering

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Talking about pocket parks and CORO Fellows with Omar Gonzales

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What a little gratitude will do

Last week as asked the interwebs to show some love for one of our members, East Bay Regional Park District. An outpouring of gratitude ensued. The ... Continue reading

Members include:

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Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) East Bay Regional Park District San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Sempervirens Fund The Nature Conservancy

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